Short Term Rehab for Knee Replacement

Proper rehabilitation is critical in regaining function and eliminating pain following knee replacement surgery. While the surgery has been proven to be successful in eliminating pain and restoring function in joints affected with severe arthritis, patients recovering from knee replacement surgery often experience pain, swelling, and stiffness in their new knee, along with muscle weakness that can last for years. New advances in post-surgical rehabilitation can help avoid those issues.

Advanced Rehabilitation for Post-Op Success

At Evergreen Health and Rehab, we use the latest rehabilitation techniques and technology to reduce pain and swelling while accelerating strength and mobility, helping the patient to resume a healthy, active lifestyle.

If you or a loved one has experienced any of the following problems, you should consider our special COPD Treatment Program:
  • Pain, stiffness, or swelling in the knee
  • Side effects from pain medication
  • Unsteadiness while standing, walking, or turning
  • A lack of full movement or strength in the knee
  • A fear of falling
  • Difficulty standing up or climbing stairs

Enroll in our program today. By working together, we can treat the pain and stiffness in your knee.

Your personal health care team will work with you to find the best treatment for reducing your pain and swelling while returning strength and flexibility to your “new” knee. Your ability to stand up, walk, and climb stairs will also be assessed.

Infrared Therapy and Ultrasound to reduce joint pain, stiffness and swelling

High frequency sound waves along with infrared therapy can bring comfort to your painful knee joint and muscles.

Exercises and Electrical Stimulation for regaining motion and strength

Slow, gentle stretches and simple strengthening exercises alone or in combination with mild, comfortable electrical pulses can improve knee movement and increase muscle strength in your leg.

You should speak to your doctor or contact the Evergreen Health and Rehab about enrolling in our Hip Replacement Program. A quick professional health evaluation is all that is needed to get you started moving again.